Your Best one

"Friedman resolves these dilemmas with compassion, insight and ambiguities that seem right for the mood she establishes. I’ve seen all the winners of the nuVoices new play festivals since Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte created the event in 2012, and none has deserved a longer or more fruitful life."

-- Charlotte Observer

"...all the characters in this witty, intelligent and frequently very funny play are trying to live loving, connected lives — even if they themselves don’t quite know it yet."

-- Westword Denver

"...playwright Meridith Friedman and director Kristin Clippard beautifully capture the melancholy in these characters’ souls...its quietness has a way of grabbing your heart."

-- Orlando Sentinel

"While familial dysfunction has been a staple of theatre from the beginning of the art form...Friedman goes a different route, taking us on an wholly unpredictable journey of love and loss, epiphanies and endurance."

-- Colorado Drama

"Horton has a great sense for how Friedman's comedy and drama should mix and how the Hoffman family's humor and anger should suddenly erupt - and there's a pretty wonderful cast at his command."

-- Broadway World

"...truly a delight to be able to fall into the story and transport yourself into the strife and determination of this delicate play...this play is about my family. And your family. "

-- Denver Theater Perspectives

"... a deeply moving slice of life...a wonderfully rewarding experience."

-- Freeline Media Orlando

THE Luckiest People 

"This is a quiet, deep story about parents and children, what constitutes family, people groping for love and not quite sure that they can find it in each other, or even that they deserve it — and director Dee Covington allows it to unfold gently in all its unsentimental sweetness."

-- Westword Denver

"Your Best One weaves this vulnerability easily and exposes a relatable circumstance with smart dialogue and incisive wit."

--Metro Arts

"Your Best One concerns itself with real human beings battling forces outside their direct control and trying, despite their pains, to do the right thing."

-- Telluride Tall Tales

"Whether staged as a sequel to The Luckiest People, or as a standalone, Meridith Friedman's tale, now running at Curious Theatre Company, is a compelling look at a high-functioning family, with many all-too-familiar dysfunctions sure to resonate with theatre audiences."

-- Colorado Drama

"This warm and loving script is so well written and performed..."

-- GetBoulder


" Are we forever judged by our worst selves? Does apologizing mean anything if it's seen as just another political calculation? Those questions cut with knifelike precision through the fog of political jargon..."

-- Chicago Tribune ★★★ (3 out of 4 stars)

“...a shrewd exploration of politics, privacy, relationships and truth… this new work is certainly worthy of a historical place in the company’s timeline."

-- CultureMap Dallas

"The political talk in the The Firestorm is smart, savvy and often very amusing, and the play draws attention to the role-playing and dishonesty endemic to nearly all political campaigns."

-- Westword Denver

"...thrilling in ways that the very best Chicago theater provides – intimate, thought provoking, and above all else, honest."

-- Chicago Theatre Review

“...a well-crafted, poignant, evenhanded examination of how choices made in ignorance in one’s youth can haunt and threaten to destroy one’s adulthood..."

-- Newcity Stage 

"Friedman has a unique ability to tell a story with strong, sometimes divisive themes...while not hitting us over the head with them. Her work invites conversation rather than forcing it in a specific direction. "

--5280 Denver's Mile High Magazine

"Vivid and immediate...[Tina Parker's] cast has a way with Friedman's bright, polished dialogue, giving it a crisp, fresh, and very real vibe..." 

-- D Magazine

“...a sharp new play that puts a couple’s interracial conflicts front and center...a brave play that dares to talk about issues we too often avoid.”

-- Dallas Morning News

" Meridith Friedman's 2015 drama in a blistering revival...Loren's emotionally charged recounting of Gaby's gut-wrenching revelations is quite moving, eliciting gasps from the audience on opening night."

--Daily Herald

"Down to the details, the play reveals the humanity and vulnerability that exists in the space between who we strive to be and who we really are."

-- Boulder Weekly

"There is a lot the playwright, Meridith Friedman, took on and she certainly showed her skills as a writer."

-- Northwest Herald

"Friedman has deftly tightened and trimmed the play since its reading at LOCAL last year and its two other recent premieres, and the story packs a punch!"

-- ColoradoDrama

"...this new one-act by Meridith Friedman plays hard: By show’s end we get an absorbing case history in situational ethics...engrossing fare..."

-- Stage and Cinema


"The Firestorm asks tough questions of its characters and its audience, offering no simple answers in a time when the frustrating nature of political maneuvering confronts us on a daily intriguing look at how the personal and the political intermesh in modern times..."

-- Edge Media Network