Masterpiece ( co-bookwriter Emily Maltby, composer/lyricist Madeline Myers)


On March 18, 1990 two men disguised as police officers gained entry to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and stole thirteen works of art. The crown jewel of the theft was Vermeer’s The Concert, one of only 36 Vermeer canvases in the world and itself worth over 200 million dollars. Inspired by the greatest art theft in history, Masterpiece centers on three lives forever linked to the The Concert: a rookie FBI agent assigned to the case; the eccentric heiress, Isabella Stewart Gardner; and Catharina Bolnes, the wife of  Vermeer. 

The 30th Year (composer/lyricist Ryan Langer)


After a disastrous 30th wedding anniversary dinner, Tom and Helen forgo the usual presents, instead giving each other the gift of an open marriage. After striking out their first couple of weeks back in the dating game, Tom and Helen finally find respective flings with Pearl and Ty. Their plan to strike a careful balance between the “open” and “closed” aspects of their marriage takes a detour when all the happy couples accidentally end up together at Tom and Helen’s summerhouse for the weekend...along with their daughter Leigh and her boyfriend, Brandon. Learn more HERE

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